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Stripes Challenge

Today I had the opportunity to be part of a challenge hosted by Jessica from What I Wore blog.  The challenge was to wear two of your favorite outfits featuring stripes.  Being a stripe-lover this was easy for me.  I often find myself passing up buying striped pieces because I feel like I may be over-doing them.  Jessica's challenge proved that you can never have too much of a good thing!

I want to thank Jessica for allowing me to participate and Crystalin for editing my pictures for me (beacause I am still a little technologically challenged!).  To my new readers:  thank you for stopping by and for your support!

Outfit 1:  Blouse:  J.Crew (similar here on sale!), Pants:  J.Crew (similar here), Shoes:  Christian Louboutin, Necklace:  Forever 21 (similar here), Clutch:  Unknown Brand (similar here)
Outfit 2:  Top:  H&M (similar here, here), Skirt:  H&M (similar here, here, here), Shoes:  Me Too, Bag:  Louis Vuitton, Cross Necklace:  similar here, here, here


  1. Oh my goodness, I love love LOVE the blouse!
    And the pants.
    And the necklace.

    (I love Jessica's challenges as well:)


  2. Found your blog via the What I Wore Challenge. I love it! You have a beautiful sense of style and your striped outfits are amazing! I particularly love the green striped blouse with the coral pants - so adorable!


  3. gorgeous outfit, love those shoes!

  4. I'm a teacher from NJ too! Love your outfits!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  5. hi! I saw you on Jessica Quirk blog, then I came to see your blog and I liked it, I´ll be following you here on blogger ok! and if you want to come and visit my blog or follow you will b very welcome...


  6. High five, these looks were lovely! I like a simple, clean looking stripe. Like the others, found your blog from Jessica's.

  7. Love these looks! So so cute.

  8. Stripes are so fantastic and fresh. I adore the color choices you made, and the sweet accessories you added to both outfits. Those shoes you are wearing with the pants are just killer! I gotsta get me somma dose! :)

    Dossome (A fellow teacher)