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Blazer:  Aritzia, Sweater:  Abercrombie (old), Chambray Shirt:  Old Navy, Skirt:  Thrifted c/o my sister-in-law!!, Booties:  Anthropologie, Tights:  Ann Taylor, Clutch:  J.Crew, Necklace:  Luluka via Etsy, Watch:  DKNY, Nail Polish:  Essie 'Hot Chocolate'

Top:  Anthropologie (last year), Shoes:  Dolce Vita, Clutch:  Rebecca Minkoff

My sister-in-law was cleaning out her closet yesterday when she came accross this thrifted beauty.  I have been looking for a while now for the perfect congac leather skirt, and she generously handed hers down to me.  Such a versatile color and style, and it fit like a glove!  Thanks Sis!


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Casual Friday

Jacket:  Forever 21 (last year), Vest:  Bloomingdales, Top:  H&M, Jeans:  AG via Anthropologie, Necklace:  See Jewelry via Etsy, Boots:  Hunter, Bag:  Marc by Marc Jacobs (old)

These pics were taken earlier in the week.  The weather has been so warm and rainy this week that the snow is quickly disappearing.  All I can say today is TGIF!  Have an exhilarating weekend!!!


Black & White (and Big Blue)

Coat:  Forever 21, Dress:  Zara, Shoes:  Tory Burch, Tights:  Kohl's Apt. 9, Pearl earrings:  gift from my grandmother

My favorite item to wear to work is a great throw-on-and-go dress.  This gem from Zara totally fits the bill.  I picked this up last week on sale for just $19.99!  The best part - the dress has POCKETS!!

Blazer:  Zara, Pants:  AG via Anthropologie, Tank:  Forever 21, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin, Necklace:  House of Harlow, Watch:  DKNY 

I liked the crisp contrast of the black & white so I kept the theme going when I picked out this outfit for a romantic dinner out with my husband.

P.S.  Giants are going to the superbowl!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!


It's Hammer Time!

Top:  J Crew, Pants:  Aritzia, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin, Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff, Watch:  Dkny

Collared Shirt:  Forever 21, Sweater:  H&M, Shoes:  Nine West

The weather took a turn for the worse this week but luckily I got in these shots before the temp dropped to the teens!

These pants were a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law.  She has a great sense of style and prides herself on picking pieces for me that I wouldn't necessarily pick for myself, but end up loving!  They are super-comfortable and I love the rust color AND of course, I love anything that can transition day-to-night. 

My husband calls them my M.C. Hammer pants.

Stay warm!!!


Where Are You Winter?

Blouse:  Aritzia, Shorts:  Anthropologie, Tights:  Hue, Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff, Booties:  Anthropologie, Necklace:  House of Harlow,  Cross Necklace:  Luluka via Etsy

The weather in NJ this week has been beautiful and unseasonably warm for January. It's a wonderful treat and I had to get outside to take advantage because this certainly will not last.

I took these pictures earlier in the week.  I love to wear shorts in the winter and although the length may look a little risque for school, the dark tights make them acceptable work-wear.


Louboutins and Lesson Plans

My belated Christmas gift from my husband finally arrived this week!  He bought me the Christian Louboutin shoes I have wanted for a while now.  I realize that Louboutins are not a reasonable purchase on a teacher's salary, but we all have our weeknesses (if it came down to it, I think I would skip lunch every day for 6 months just to own a pair of these beautiful pieces of art!).  Not knowing which style I would prefer, he purchased 2 similar pairs for me to try and see which I liked better.

On the left is the Simple 100 in nude patent, and on the right is the Decollete 868 100 also in nude patent.  Which would you choose?

...and the winner is:

The Decollete!  I just love the almond-shape of the toe.  It's the perfect marriage of pointy and round. 
Jacket:  Zara, Pants:  AG via Anthropologie, Blouse:  Aritzia, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin, Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff, Watch:  DKNY, Long necklace:  gift from a friend, Cross Necklace:  Luluka via ETSY, Nail Polish:  Essie "Sole Mate"

While I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my new shoes, you won't see me wearing these in the classroom so here is my classroom appropriate version of this outfit:

Vest:  Aqua via Bloomingdales, Booties:  Anthropologie

I have to mention that my school has a pretty lax dress code - in some schools I'm sure skinny pants would not be up to code.


New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to Classroom Couture!  As 2012 begins, I couldn't think of a better way to start the new year than with a new blog.

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now.  My inspiration came one morning on my drive to work.  I was listening to the radio (106.7 Lite FM which plays Christmas music 24/7 starting at Thanksgiving) when the "nearly impossible question" of the day came on.  This was the question:

Real estate agents were voted the best dressed professionals in a nationwide poll, which profession was voted worst dressed?
I almost NEVER answer the question correctly, but this particular morining I was sure I had the correct answer to the question.  I guessed teachers, and I was correct.  Being a certified teacher and currently working as a teachers aide, I felt this was a sign that I needed to set the record straight and show people that teachers can have style too.  Maybe I could even help my collegues with the daily struggle of getting dressed in the morning.  And so Classroom Couture is born.  Hope you enjoy my fashion diaries!

Top:  Wilfred via Aritzia, Vest:  Madewell, Cords:  AG via Anthropologie, Boots:  Nine West, Bag:  Marc by Marc Jacobs, Watch:  DKNY, Bracelet:  Hot Jewelry Box, Sunnies:  Ray-Ban, Necklace:  Luluka via Etsy
The other aspect had in mind for this blog is to show practical workwear for teachers.  Working in a middle school with childern all day it is not practical (for myself personally) to be wearing 4" heeled boots.  So I decided I would show the outfit as I would want to wear it, and then the outfit revised to be work practical.  The current temp in NJ is somwhere in the 30s so coat and gloves are a MUST!
Coat:  Soia & Kyo, Gloves:  Lord & Taylor, Flat boots:  Anthropologie