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New Year, New Blog!

Welcome to Classroom Couture!  As 2012 begins, I couldn't think of a better way to start the new year than with a new blog.

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a while now.  My inspiration came one morning on my drive to work.  I was listening to the radio (106.7 Lite FM which plays Christmas music 24/7 starting at Thanksgiving) when the "nearly impossible question" of the day came on.  This was the question:

Real estate agents were voted the best dressed professionals in a nationwide poll, which profession was voted worst dressed?
I almost NEVER answer the question correctly, but this particular morining I was sure I had the correct answer to the question.  I guessed teachers, and I was correct.  Being a certified teacher and currently working as a teachers aide, I felt this was a sign that I needed to set the record straight and show people that teachers can have style too.  Maybe I could even help my collegues with the daily struggle of getting dressed in the morning.  And so Classroom Couture is born.  Hope you enjoy my fashion diaries!

Top:  Wilfred via Aritzia, Vest:  Madewell, Cords:  AG via Anthropologie, Boots:  Nine West, Bag:  Marc by Marc Jacobs, Watch:  DKNY, Bracelet:  Hot Jewelry Box, Sunnies:  Ray-Ban, Necklace:  Luluka via Etsy
The other aspect had in mind for this blog is to show practical workwear for teachers.  Working in a middle school with childern all day it is not practical (for myself personally) to be wearing 4" heeled boots.  So I decided I would show the outfit as I would want to wear it, and then the outfit revised to be work practical.  The current temp in NJ is somwhere in the 30s so coat and gloves are a MUST!
Coat:  Soia & Kyo, Gloves:  Lord & Taylor, Flat boots:  Anthropologie


  1. love the blog. wish you would consider setting up a couture blog for women over 60-- we need lots of help. Love, your mother!!

  2. You think teachers are the worst dress professionals? Obviously you never checked out the office where you Mom and I worked! Our emmployees cornered the market on plaid polyester men's suits.