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Louboutins and Lesson Plans

My belated Christmas gift from my husband finally arrived this week!  He bought me the Christian Louboutin shoes I have wanted for a while now.  I realize that Louboutins are not a reasonable purchase on a teacher's salary, but we all have our weeknesses (if it came down to it, I think I would skip lunch every day for 6 months just to own a pair of these beautiful pieces of art!).  Not knowing which style I would prefer, he purchased 2 similar pairs for me to try and see which I liked better.

On the left is the Simple 100 in nude patent, and on the right is the Decollete 868 100 also in nude patent.  Which would you choose?

...and the winner is:

The Decollete!  I just love the almond-shape of the toe.  It's the perfect marriage of pointy and round. 
Jacket:  Zara, Pants:  AG via Anthropologie, Blouse:  Aritzia, Shoes:  Christian Louboutin, Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff, Watch:  DKNY, Long necklace:  gift from a friend, Cross Necklace:  Luluka via ETSY, Nail Polish:  Essie "Sole Mate"

While I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my new shoes, you won't see me wearing these in the classroom so here is my classroom appropriate version of this outfit:

Vest:  Aqua via Bloomingdales, Booties:  Anthropologie

I have to mention that my school has a pretty lax dress code - in some schools I'm sure skinny pants would not be up to code.

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