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Seeing Double

Top:  J.Crew, Shorts:  Anthropologie, Shoes:  Zara, Bracelet:  Forever 21, Necklace:  H&M

Shorts with heels for work in a middle school??  Heck no!  Instead I changed into these metallic flats and threw on a black J Crew cardi.

Flats:  H&M (only $15!!)

I RARELY buy two of the same item when it comes to my wardrobe.  Instead I'm always searching for something different and unique ~ something that I don't have anything similar to in my closet.  This philosophy went out the window last week when I decided to purchase a second pair of Zara's basic sandal.  I just love my orange/tan pair so much that I couldn't resist them in all black.  Since they were under $50 I didn't even feel guilty!

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