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Ode to Linea Paolo

Sweater:  Anthropologie (old, diggin' this one), Jeans:  AG via Anthropologie, Bag:  Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, newer version), Shoes:  Linea Paolo via Nordstrom (very old, similar here), Cuff:  Tory Burch, Sunnies:  Ray-Ban

My husband hates when the leaves fall because it creates a lot of extra yard work for him.  I LOVE when the leaves fall because their colors look so beautiful scattered across the ground.
About 5 years ago, Nordstrom carried a shoe line by a designer named Linea Paolo {I believe they were exclusive to Nords because I could never find them anywhere else}.  Almost every pair ~ in my opinion ~ was just exquisite. 
I still own 5 or 6 pairs of these shoes and they are amongst my all time faves.  The brand was affordable, beautifully made, and the shoes had gorgeous detailing.  Sadly, this line no longer exists.  I would love to know what happened to it!?!


  1. Super pretty, love the vintage-ey feel but it's still so polished with the dark jeans. Great sweater!

  2. LINEA PAOLO is on the way back..........getting re-launched. :-)

  3. Is that right? Linea Paolo is comimg back? I agree with Margo, the designs never dissapointed, plus he made size 4! I still own several pairs. At one point that was the only brand I bought.

  4. Is that right? Linea Paolo is coming back?? Does anyone know when and where?
    I agree with Margo, their designs never disappointed..and they made size 4!! at one point that is the only brand of shoes I bought.