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What We Wore: Fall Remix Challenge

Hello readers!  Sorry for the hiatus ~ still no power/internet/cable/gas for my husband and me.  BUT our spirits are still high.  We are extremely fortunate that we had no major property damage.  Our hearts and helping hands go out to those who were not so fortunate.  

I'm hoping to go back to regular scheduled blogging starting on Monday.  Until then, please enjoy Jessica's Fall Remix Challenge that I participated in over on her fabulous blog, What I Wore.  Thank you Jessica for hosting the challenge and to Crystalin {author of another fantastic blog, In the City with Crystalin} for editing my photos.

Hope everyone is at least {somewhat} warm and safe! 


  1. Im really glad to hear that you are ok and very happy to hear your spirits are still high. Please take care & thanks for the update!



  2. Eelsay ~ thank you for your kind words ~ I won't disappoint :)