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Saturday Morning Spotlight

As you all know, I don't usually post on Saturdays, but today I had to give a big shout out and "thank you" to Morgan Robertson of WAKE UP YOUR WARDROBE for the lovely blogger spotlight feature she did about Classroom Couture.
Not only is she a totally adorable Southern Belle {from Nashville, TN}, but she is an elementary school teacher by day.  A fashionista on a teacher's salary = woman after my own heart.  
Be sure to visit her blog here!


  1. Thanks lady! You are too sweet :) I appreciate you participating and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    Morgan of Wake Up Your Wardrobe

  2. congrats!! you deserve it your looks are always spot on sophisticated, feminine, flirty, fun, everything a woman wants to her style to be! youre an inspiration and absolutely beautiful, happy weekend xo

  3. Hey! I found your blog from Megan and from one teacher to another... it is so lovely to see another fashionista in the profession. You are super cute and I love your style. I agree with you though, it is time to change the idea of teacher fashion and it is my mission as well to change the ugly teacher clothing stereotype. It is lovely getting to know your blog and I have added you to my bloglovin feed!

    Radiating Splendor

  4. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy reading your posts.