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The Mint Tulip Boutique

Being a {self/husband proclaimed} shop-a-holic in the 21st century is a really hard addiction to curb.  There are sooo many ways to spend money readily available at your fingertips without leaving the comfort of your own home {or your desk at work}.  While I'm always trying to find ways to control my compulsion, I think the universe has a different idea because I recently discovered a new way to satisfy my shoppping addiction:  Facebook, namely, The Mint Tulip.

What makes it even more compelling is the fact that this fabulous boutique has new stock every week.  Beginning on Sundays at 8pm CST, items are posted with available sizes.  The first shoppers to comment on the item {depending on how many sizes are listed} win the item.  Best part?  Shipping is FREE!
Items sell out quickly so be sure to visit The Mint Tulip and be on the lookout Sundays 8pm CST for new arrivals!

**Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post ~ all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Going to check them out!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina