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You may or may not have noticed that lately I have been pretty good about not being my normal shop-a-holic self. I have been saving money instead of spending as my husband and I are preparing to build our dream home. 

However, this saving streak went out the window about a week ago when the summer sales started. I have been finding bargains everywhere that are just too good to pass up. I had my eye on this geometric gem for months, but was not about to pay the $400+ price tag. So I waited patiently and scored this recently for under $150! Too good to pass up.

Besides, what's the point of having a new closet if ya can't fill it up? {Let's not tell my husband I said that.}

Happy hump-day everyone!


  1. Ingrid Nasser6/11/14, 6:38 AM

    Love that dress! I've been doing much of the same...watching for prices to drop on my favority items. Just went on a shopping spree too. Happy Summer!