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Fall Essentials

Shoes:  Aquazzura

Confession: once Labor Day has passed, I start to panic about my wardrobe. I go from confidently selecting my outfit each morning, to questioning each and every article of clothing.

It's that strange in-between time when it's not exactly summer, but not quite fall yet either. And while NYFW is in full swing, the realty is that it has been 90 degrees and 100% humidity since it started last Thursday. I begin to sweat just looking at photos of bloggers and designers dressed in full fall gear on their way to shows.

A few weeks back I had a reader request for a fall essentials post. I thought this would be a great opportunity - not only to share with you some of my top picks for the season, but also to make a wardrobe wish list and put and end to the panic.

And so...

My Top Ten Fall Essentials:

coat // top // jeans // bag // dress // earrings // pumps // skirt // hat // booties

Happy Monday!

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