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Never Will I Ever

Before becoming pregnant, I had many ideas about what my pregnancy style would look like. 

As I now embark on my 6th month of pregnancy, all I can do is sit back and laugh at my naive pre-pregnancy self.

So today I thought I would share with you a few of my pre-pregncy thoughts that went out the window once my belly began to pop.

#1 - I will never wear maternity jeans. Why the heck not? Did I think I was going to suck it in or do the hair-tie trick for 9 months? This was the first notion that was debunked. By 16 weeks I was dying for some relief. I dragged my mother to Destination Maternity with me, tried on about 15 pairs, and finally settled on my first pair of maternity jeans. Since then, I have purchased about 4 more pairs from H&M. I love the fit of their maternity jeans and you can't beat the price.

#2 - Leggings should never be worn as pants. I now prefer leggings over jeans/pants, and happily wear them to the office very often. After trying several pairs, I found this Gap pair to be the best. They go under the belly {sometimes I find the full panel can be a bit itchy} and are super soft.

#3 - I'm going to be pregnant in heels! I traded in my four inches for flats as soon as the lower back pain flared up. Once in a while I will wear a pair of heels at work, but I always bring my flats along. Also, there has been so much snow and ice that heels outside are just not a smart choice these days.

#4 - I'll probably be able to wear my regular clothes up until the very end. At about 5 months most of my tops started to become crop tops. I now have two options - buy a lot of oversized tunics, or buy some maternity tops. I did a bit of both, but for my basics I find that these Old Navy tees fit the bill.

And so, as my body changes my style does too. Lucky for me, accessories ~ like this amazing Ona Chan necklace ~ fit no matter how big your belly gets!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Beautiful boots, but I can't believe you can wear them while pregnant!

  2. I have never understood why anyone wouldn't want to wear maternity clothes. They are worth the investment, and they have come a long way. I lived in Liz Lange from Target, JC Penney (don't know if they still sell maternity wear), and Old Navy. I bought one dressy outfit for the Teacher of the Year Banquet. As a teacher, I just wanted to be comfortable.

  3. I had some of the same pre-pregnancy notions as you, funny how that all changes when the belly starts to pop! I'm 7.5 months pregnant now and living in maternity clothes with the exception of a few items that still fit. I’m drooling over spring styles though and can’t wait to be able to shop again.


  4. Your comments totally made me laugh out loud... I am currently pregnant as well and had some of the same thoughts before I got pregnant! Now I honestly have no idea why women avoid maternity clothes (especially pants). They are AMAZING!

  5. You seriously have one of the best styles around.