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I have never been one to sit under an umbrella at the beach.  Of course I apply suntan lotion while outside in the summer, but I do enjoy getting a healthy (or some would probably say that it's not very healthy) dark tan.  I'm not a fan, however, of tanning beds.  I just don't feel great afterwards and I loathe that smell of burning skin that stays with you until you shower. 
Last year I discovered a wonderful alternative:  Tan Towels.  I would describe them as a big wet nap.  They are super easy to apply you simply unfold and rub on your body in a circular motion.  The result is an even subtle tan (I have had oompa-loompa spray tan experiences in the past).  It's just the perfect amout of color for me to feel confident wearing a pair of shorts or skirt with no tights in the early spring.  They come in 2 shades ~ classic and plus, and the best part ~ they are super-cheap!  Spray tanning around where I live can cost you $75 just for one spray.  I buy my tan towels at a local beauty supply store where a pack of 5 costs just $24!!!

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